Friday, November 2, 2012

Too Much Supply - Not Enough Buyers

I feel kind of sorry for my publisher and the bookstores that printed and stocked copies of my second edition. I was looking at the amazon marketplace, as well as ebay, and it's obvious that there have been quite a few copies of my books printed. The only problem is that no one is actually buying them. If they are being bought, the sales aren't really being reported, but anywho - how is it that I have over 1300 fans, and the vast majority of them don't care to actually buy and read a book that is just waiting to be sold?

I know I PAID the publisher to start publishing my book, but my book is, in fact, so interesting, that one would have hoped that it would have sold better. If it is selling - my publisher isn't reporting it all, at which point I lose pity for the publisher and head towards LULU.

Unfortunately, I am not the best writer. People told me my first edition of my book was well-written, but I couldn't agree - the first edition was horrible. Second edition is a lot better, but as I decided to move away from that publisher I released a third edition at a new publisher, and even third edition contained mistakes.

Now I'm just waiting on Avril Lavigne for a phonecall so I can try to convince her to send me an important document - a document that will/would be the pride and joy of Fourth Edition. Unfortunately, once Fourth Edition comes, all those printed copies of second edition will just sit and rust, but as it is now, second edition is all that's available for sale. I just wish my fans would take a more active role in reading the book though.

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