Monday, November 12, 2012


So... if anyone actually cares to know, here's my latest news about telepathy:::

I think I lost it. I'm doing pretty badly. Whatever magic I had in my person that allowed me to experience historical mental phenomena has now been depleted.

Of course, in my recent testing I am commonly just getting 1/3 answers.

When you consider that the odds of getting 1/3 on the pick 3 are like 1:5 or 1:4, and when you consider that playing the lottery with those odds you are still very likely to lose anyway, well, seeing as how I keep getting 1/3 over again and as that's a 1:4 odds situation for each time I do that, I am technically, perhaps, still beating the odds.

But, to tell the truth, it's not very impressive. So, basically, if I have a good memory of the past while of testing: I beat the odds, but very disappointingly.

So, either I've remembered correctly and I keep getting 1:4 odds over and over again, or I've remembered incorrectly and I'm actually just doing horribly.

OK - so - it seems my telepathic ability is gone. Or not impressive enough.

I have to admit - I am not infallible, and it's possible that someone in heaven or even the church decided to yank (take away) whatever blessing I had that was letting me perform so awesomely.

But - when it comes to long distance telepathy, I can still stand around or lay in bed and hear thoughts from who-knows-where talking about whatever, and I have no idea if there's any actual reality about where these thoughts come from.

SO - historically, I think I clearly demonstrated that telepathy is real, I think other mentalists clearly display that telepathy is real - but right now my ability isn't working so well, and of the thoughts I do hear, it might be possible that I am just being crazy, although it is not proven that those thoughts I hear aren't coming from somewhere. I might still have some form of telepathy - but it's not working very well on my parents, and as I remember it my testing is generally just 1/3 most of the time which still beats the odds but it's not that impressive, and yeah, huh. When I let my mind wander I can hear thoughts coming from who-knows-where but I can not prove that these thoughts are actually real communications so it might be possible that I'm experiencing an insanity.

But - I do declare that I am absolutely certain that telepathy exists.

A few months ago, I think it might've been in July, I heard, telepathically, from Avril Lavigne something about how she won't or can't stay single forever, I can't remember exactly what I heard her say, but she she seemed to indicate the idea that she'd want to get married, and I remember this because I responded with thoughts about how "I wish it were me, but I know I can't do that", and then just the next month it was announced that she was engaged to Chad Kroeger.

I think I really have been telepathic - and it's obvious that sometimes the ability doesn't work very well. But it does exist.

Anyway, whatever the magic that was working in me isn't working so well today.

The best story I can relate about success in telepathy today is I asked my dad to think of ONE number between 0 and 9, and two times in a row with that test I got the right answer. So, twice in a row I got 1/1, which is 1:10 odds. The reason I'm not completely happy with myself is because I did a few other tests with him that I failed.

Anywho, there you have it, I'm the UNTALENTED FINCH. Hah.

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