Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pick 3 with God

Is there a God? And if there is a God - how well can we communicate with Him?

In my PIck 3 telepathy experiments with my dad today, I was mostly or even just generally just getting 1/3 results. And my dad got tired of doing the experiments with me, so I decided to continue on my own, with GOD as my test subject, and the pick 3 winnings numbers as a control.

So, I chose 10 consecutive days in the past year that would be used to inspire the numbers God tells me, and for me to compare my results with on the internet.

With my understanding of statistics - the statistical expectations of how the results would be distributed is described here:

0/3 - 7 would be expected to be 0/3.
1/3 - 2-3 would be expected to be 1/3.
2/3 - 0-1 would be expected to be 2/3.
3/3 - 0 would be expected 3/3.

PLEASE NOTE: These calculations and results are based on a BOX result - the ability to get the right numbers in ANY ORDER. Straight is too hard - though it has happened before.

OK, so, I’ve done the 10 Pick 3 questions to God, and here are my results::

0/3 - 2 were 0/3
1/3 - 4 were 1/3
2/3 - 4 were 2/3
3/3 - 0 were 3/3

SO - what do my results tell me? My results tell me that GOD DOES IN FACT EXIST. The downside is that communications aren’t always so clear - there’s room for confusion and inaccuracy. But it does work, more or less.

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