Thursday, November 29, 2012

No One Has Ever Said That to us Before

Just a little while ago today my father and I were buying groceries at one of our local Safeways, and when the cashier saw my dad's name on his AirMiles card, for some reason she asked "Do you happen to be related to any legendary writers?"

What an odd question - no one has ever asked us that before. Fun. I told her I had written a book, and I gave her a little business card to advertise it. I didn't mention that my story was legendary though, even if it is.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. How odd that someone would ask a question like that. Based on historical evidence - that wasn't normal.


As for my relationship with the church, I've started trying to like them in some form again, it's mostly just an effort to love my enemy and an exercise in faith and hope.

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