Monday, November 19, 2012

New Telepathy Test

I decided to try a new telepathy test.

This new telepathy test is a lot like playing the PICK3, except now we use 0-9 AND A-Z.

So, how were my first three experiments?

Test 1: I said M2D    ----- My father said: 0ZB

Test 2: I said D(5orS)T ------ my father said: Q9V

Test 3:  I said OBR  -------- my father said: AB9


OK - this doesn't look very impressive - but it might show that I really do have some telepathy.

In regular PICK3, the best I could do commonly is 1/3, and I'd keep getting numerous 1/3's.

This time, I technically got one 1/3, except 2 and Z are very similar shaped, and my 2 even looked like a Z, so you could say I had TWO 1/3's.

That might not seem like a big deal, but when you consider that regular PICK3 1/3 is 1:4 odds, well, now you have to understand that my odds of getting 1/3 in Alphanumeric PICK3 are 1:12.

So, in three tests, I got one or two 1:12 odds. That's actually pretty impressive.


I mean, it's true that 2 and Z aren't the same values, but 2 and Z LOOK similar in appearance, and my 2 did even look like a Z, so maybe I got one 1:12, but you could say I had two 1:12's, which could be the interpretation if you understand that I sometimes see the character rather than hear it. I dunno, maybe I'm just gloating, but I was pretty impressed with myself.

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