Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Feelings of the Book's Quality

Most people I talk to who have read my book, whether it be first or second edition, at very least say that I clearly explain the story, and generally say that I did a good job.

My feelings on The Book of Finch project is that all three editions I've published so far were all just too imperfect, there was something wrong about each and every one of them. The first edition was the worst, and unfortunately the best-selling, the second edition was quite a bit better but still needed some more editing, the third edition was AWESOME except for one big historical error.

So, as soon as I get word back from Avril Lavigne (and she does have to talk to me, she owes me a phonecall) I'll see about getting a Fourth Edition released. I'm hoping Fourth Edition will be perfect, that it will be everything the book should be. We'll just have to wait and see.

What about Letters to Whomever? It was a mostly well written book with minimal editing, but the first edition didn't contain enough content. Even second edition doesn't have the total realm of content, but it's still pretty good. The book has typos, but don't expect me to fix those - I'm not really intending on fixing it up.

The first edition of The Book of Finch went through hundreds of dollars of editing. The book, though readers liked it, was poorly done anyways, but we should be very happy that I put so much money and effort into editing it, because recently I was looking at the first finished draft of The Book of Finch and it was absolutely horrible - just hideous. I would have embarrassed myself very much if I had not edited.

So basically, this post is just here to illustrate that thus far I never feel my book is quite good enough. I'm mostly content with Letters to Whomever, largely because I have no intention of perfecting all of the few typos, but The Book of Finch was a project I wanted to be perfect and polished - and I've never quite achieved that thus far. Three Editions wasted on various errors. I'm sad about that.

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