Monday, November 5, 2012

CNN Says Ohio Decides

I was just watching on CNN about how, in their way of describing it, OHIO gets to choose the next president of the United States. If all the other states have tentatively been decided - it all comes down to Ohio, and New Hampshire doesn't count. I think it was New Hampshire - hopefully I didn't get that wrong.

Anyway, in this situation it is interesting that the only Radio Show to interview me about The Book of Finch was in OHIO.

So - how much impact does my interview and book have on the election there? Well, the interview showed MORMONS in a more positive light, and socialist medicine might be seen negatively. From the interview - that is.

From any Ohioans who actually read my book, the book depicts Mormons poorly, and socialist medicine seems bad but also is kind of cool. Of course, for that edition of the book, only about a dozen people actually purchased it - so it's not like I'll have a big impact anyway.

But when it comes down to it - if my book were to heavily influence the minds of Ohio people, and as Ohio is the only state that's supposed to really matter in this election - I'd say Obama would win.

But as most people didn't bother with the actual book, Romney would look great from the Radio show alone.

Just like my position on the church - it seems rather ambivalent. :)

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