Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3.1 Edition of The Book of Finch is on Kindle now

You might have noticed that TBoF third edition hardcopies are no longer on sale and that the iBookStore ebook is gone - and the B&N Nookbook will disappear too. That's because Third Edition contained an ugly mistake and I didn't want to sell that version of the book anymore. I am updating the kindle ebook to "3.1 Edition".


As for telepathy experiments - it is clear that I am not a very good mentalist. Though I may be unskilled, evidence has shown that I am capable of some mental feats however.

You know that new alphanumeric pick 3 test I started doing? I'm doing well enough with that to know that I really do in all likelihood have some kind of mental ability. The sad part is that I am a very under-talented mentalist, and I don't do very well.


As for my phonecall with Avril Lavigne, I'm a step closer to having a date and time scheduled for that call. Yay.

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