Friday, November 30, 2012

Third Book Published Today!

Go have a look at The Eagle's Sore: A Novella - my third book ever! Published brand new today! Buy it! Read it! Hope you enjoy it!

We'll have to wait and see how long it takes before I make a website for this book. Maybe I will. Maybe.

Fear of Unconscious Habits

Now that I have a real job --- I have to fear myself.

I have to wonder if I have any unconscious habits that I naturally perform without even noticing.

Such habits could be very embarrassing.

Basically, I'm worried that I might be farting or picking my nose when I really shouldn't be - and it's even worse if I do it and don't even realize it about myself.

Yes, the possibility that I might do this is potentially embarrassing -  hopefully I can just stop myself from being so "gross".

Thursday, November 29, 2012

No One Has Ever Said That to us Before

Just a little while ago today my father and I were buying groceries at one of our local Safeways, and when the cashier saw my dad's name on his AirMiles card, for some reason she asked "Do you happen to be related to any legendary writers?"

What an odd question - no one has ever asked us that before. Fun. I told her I had written a book, and I gave her a little business card to advertise it. I didn't mention that my story was legendary though, even if it is.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. How odd that someone would ask a question like that. Based on historical evidence - that wasn't normal.


As for my relationship with the church, I've started trying to like them in some form again, it's mostly just an effort to love my enemy and an exercise in faith and hope.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I Actually Have a Job Now!!

A couple days ago my family's hometeacher from the LDS church invited me out for some lunch.

To make it short, I have a job now - imagine that - me working for money. Huh. wow.

I started work today, early in the morning. I hope I do a good job - I was willing to accept the assignment.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Author Friends on Facebook

I just started a new friendship with my second Author friend on Facebook. His name is Michael McCarty. He helped write "Conversations with Kreskin" - a book I just recently finished reading, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Who is my other Author friend? His name initials are also "MM" - Mario Molinari - I haven't read any of his books, but he decided to friend me because we are both Calgarian authors - and he thought that was a rare thing.

They say that birds of a feather flock together - so it's just nice that I can find some kind of friendship in other book-writers. It's kind of cool or fun or something like that.


In other news I just noticed that the Third Edition of The Book of Finch just appeared on Amazon today. This would've been good news, except I disappointed myself with one little fact error in that book, so I feel like I screwed up too much. But, I suppose they would like to sell whatever copies they printed - wouldn't they?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3.1 Edition of The Book of Finch is on Kindle now

You might have noticed that TBoF third edition hardcopies are no longer on sale and that the iBookStore ebook is gone - and the B&N Nookbook will disappear too. That's because Third Edition contained an ugly mistake and I didn't want to sell that version of the book anymore. I am updating the kindle ebook to "3.1 Edition".


As for telepathy experiments - it is clear that I am not a very good mentalist. Though I may be unskilled, evidence has shown that I am capable of some mental feats however.

You know that new alphanumeric pick 3 test I started doing? I'm doing well enough with that to know that I really do in all likelihood have some kind of mental ability. The sad part is that I am a very under-talented mentalist, and I don't do very well.


As for my phonecall with Avril Lavigne, I'm a step closer to having a date and time scheduled for that call. Yay.

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Telepathy Test

I decided to try a new telepathy test.

This new telepathy test is a lot like playing the PICK3, except now we use 0-9 AND A-Z.

So, how were my first three experiments?

Test 1: I said M2D    ----- My father said: 0ZB

Test 2: I said D(5orS)T ------ my father said: Q9V

Test 3:  I said OBR  -------- my father said: AB9


OK - this doesn't look very impressive - but it might show that I really do have some telepathy.

In regular PICK3, the best I could do commonly is 1/3, and I'd keep getting numerous 1/3's.

This time, I technically got one 1/3, except 2 and Z are very similar shaped, and my 2 even looked like a Z, so you could say I had TWO 1/3's.

That might not seem like a big deal, but when you consider that regular PICK3 1/3 is 1:4 odds, well, now you have to understand that my odds of getting 1/3 in Alphanumeric PICK3 are 1:12.

So, in three tests, I got one or two 1:12 odds. That's actually pretty impressive.


I mean, it's true that 2 and Z aren't the same values, but 2 and Z LOOK similar in appearance, and my 2 did even look like a Z, so maybe I got one 1:12, but you could say I had two 1:12's, which could be the interpretation if you understand that I sometimes see the character rather than hear it. I dunno, maybe I'm just gloating, but I was pretty impressed with myself.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

No more magic?

Well, I considered earlier this year the idea that I may have lost my patriarchal blessings. If I have lost my patriarchal blessings, then I don't really have an excuse anymore for being a mentalist, and that would explain why I am under-enthused by recent testing.

Maybe it's because I'm faithless. Even though I've experienced some magic in the LDS church, I find myself disbelieving in the church these days anyways. In a lot of ways, the LDS church doesn't even SEEM true. I experienced the miraculous in the church, but most of that was dismissed as insanity.

I KNOW miracles are real. I am either seriously insane, or I've had some truly magical experiences. But, regardless of the magical experiences I may have once experienced, I may have lost whatever blessing that gave me mental power, and really, I just do horribly at my mentalism tests.

I would like to be a mentalist - I WANT to be a mentalist - And though many of my experiences validate my belief in that sort of phenomenon, recently I just seem to be failing at it. It's like the magic is gone.

It's too bad too. I have some experiences that show mental power is real, and then as I continue to experiment, the magic happens to disappear, and I am unable to continue, and would, if tested, even make a fool of myself.

Such a pity.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's Telepathy Results

Today was a good day, or a better day, but not really too mind-blowing.

Test 1: I said 4 6 3 ---- my test subject's original said: 4 9 2

Test 2: I said 7 3 "0 or 1" ------ my test subject's original said: 1 0 7

Test 3: I said "2 or 4" 1 0 -------- my test subject's original said: 3 1 0

Test 4: I said 7 "3 or 4" 7 --------- my test subject said: 3 0 9

Test 5: I said 5 3 6 --------- test subject said: 4 9 2

Test 6: I said 6 "8 or 3" 9 ------- test subject said: 7 1 5

Sooooo.... of six tests, we would tabulate the results like this:

0/3 ---- twice

1/3 ----- twice

2/3 ----- once

3/3 ----- once --- though it was imperfect because I had a 4th number in there.


What would statistical expectations be in this situation?

0/3 -----  FOUR times

1/3 ----- 1-2 times

2/3 ---- 0-1 times

3/3 ----- very unlikely


So, maybe you could say that I just got lucky today, that I didn't perform exceedingly too well ---- but I still felt good about it. Of course, the last time I got 3/3 wasn't too long ago, so even though I'm not perfect or even too impressive, I am doing better than statistics would have assumed.

So, yes - I am not a skilled or great mentalist, but I think I do pretty good.

Monday, November 12, 2012


So... if anyone actually cares to know, here's my latest news about telepathy:::

I think I lost it. I'm doing pretty badly. Whatever magic I had in my person that allowed me to experience historical mental phenomena has now been depleted.

Of course, in my recent testing I am commonly just getting 1/3 answers.

When you consider that the odds of getting 1/3 on the pick 3 are like 1:5 or 1:4, and when you consider that playing the lottery with those odds you are still very likely to lose anyway, well, seeing as how I keep getting 1/3 over again and as that's a 1:4 odds situation for each time I do that, I am technically, perhaps, still beating the odds.

But, to tell the truth, it's not very impressive. So, basically, if I have a good memory of the past while of testing: I beat the odds, but very disappointingly.

So, either I've remembered correctly and I keep getting 1:4 odds over and over again, or I've remembered incorrectly and I'm actually just doing horribly.

OK - so - it seems my telepathic ability is gone. Or not impressive enough.

I have to admit - I am not infallible, and it's possible that someone in heaven or even the church decided to yank (take away) whatever blessing I had that was letting me perform so awesomely.

But - when it comes to long distance telepathy, I can still stand around or lay in bed and hear thoughts from who-knows-where talking about whatever, and I have no idea if there's any actual reality about where these thoughts come from.

SO - historically, I think I clearly demonstrated that telepathy is real, I think other mentalists clearly display that telepathy is real - but right now my ability isn't working so well, and of the thoughts I do hear, it might be possible that I am just being crazy, although it is not proven that those thoughts I hear aren't coming from somewhere. I might still have some form of telepathy - but it's not working very well on my parents, and as I remember it my testing is generally just 1/3 most of the time which still beats the odds but it's not that impressive, and yeah, huh. When I let my mind wander I can hear thoughts coming from who-knows-where but I can not prove that these thoughts are actually real communications so it might be possible that I'm experiencing an insanity.

But - I do declare that I am absolutely certain that telepathy exists.

A few months ago, I think it might've been in July, I heard, telepathically, from Avril Lavigne something about how she won't or can't stay single forever, I can't remember exactly what I heard her say, but she she seemed to indicate the idea that she'd want to get married, and I remember this because I responded with thoughts about how "I wish it were me, but I know I can't do that", and then just the next month it was announced that she was engaged to Chad Kroeger.

I think I really have been telepathic - and it's obvious that sometimes the ability doesn't work very well. But it does exist.

Anyway, whatever the magic that was working in me isn't working so well today.

The best story I can relate about success in telepathy today is I asked my dad to think of ONE number between 0 and 9, and two times in a row with that test I got the right answer. So, twice in a row I got 1/1, which is 1:10 odds. The reason I'm not completely happy with myself is because I did a few other tests with him that I failed.

Anywho, there you have it, I'm the UNTALENTED FINCH. Hah.

The Audio-Visual eBook is Back!

After taking down the videos because I didn't like my little error in the third edition text of second chapter, I corrected the second chapter and I've re-uploaded the series.

Feel free to watch them - if the videos are popular enough I may continue to make more.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Feelings of the Book's Quality

Most people I talk to who have read my book, whether it be first or second edition, at very least say that I clearly explain the story, and generally say that I did a good job.

My feelings on The Book of Finch project is that all three editions I've published so far were all just too imperfect, there was something wrong about each and every one of them. The first edition was the worst, and unfortunately the best-selling, the second edition was quite a bit better but still needed some more editing, the third edition was AWESOME except for one big historical error.

So, as soon as I get word back from Avril Lavigne (and she does have to talk to me, she owes me a phonecall) I'll see about getting a Fourth Edition released. I'm hoping Fourth Edition will be perfect, that it will be everything the book should be. We'll just have to wait and see.

What about Letters to Whomever? It was a mostly well written book with minimal editing, but the first edition didn't contain enough content. Even second edition doesn't have the total realm of content, but it's still pretty good. The book has typos, but don't expect me to fix those - I'm not really intending on fixing it up.

The first edition of The Book of Finch went through hundreds of dollars of editing. The book, though readers liked it, was poorly done anyways, but we should be very happy that I put so much money and effort into editing it, because recently I was looking at the first finished draft of The Book of Finch and it was absolutely horrible - just hideous. I would have embarrassed myself very much if I had not edited.

So basically, this post is just here to illustrate that thus far I never feel my book is quite good enough. I'm mostly content with Letters to Whomever, largely because I have no intention of perfecting all of the few typos, but The Book of Finch was a project I wanted to be perfect and polished - and I've never quite achieved that thus far. Three Editions wasted on various errors. I'm sad about that.

Monday, November 5, 2012

CNN Says Ohio Decides

I was just watching on CNN about how, in their way of describing it, OHIO gets to choose the next president of the United States. If all the other states have tentatively been decided - it all comes down to Ohio, and New Hampshire doesn't count. I think it was New Hampshire - hopefully I didn't get that wrong.

Anyway, in this situation it is interesting that the only Radio Show to interview me about The Book of Finch was in OHIO.

So - how much impact does my interview and book have on the election there? Well, the interview showed MORMONS in a more positive light, and socialist medicine might be seen negatively. From the interview - that is.

From any Ohioans who actually read my book, the book depicts Mormons poorly, and socialist medicine seems bad but also is kind of cool. Of course, for that edition of the book, only about a dozen people actually purchased it - so it's not like I'll have a big impact anyway.

But when it comes down to it - if my book were to heavily influence the minds of Ohio people, and as Ohio is the only state that's supposed to really matter in this election - I'd say Obama would win.

But as most people didn't bother with the actual book, Romney would look great from the Radio show alone.

Just like my position on the church - it seems rather ambivalent. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Near-Immediate Response to Prayer

Last night, as I was going to sleep, I lay in bed and prayed to God about how I might reclaim my patriarchal blessing, what I should do to achieve those things God would have me accomplish.

I almost went to church this morning, I didn't because I woke up too late, and my mother was out the door to church pretty much as soon as I arose.

But as I was surfing with my iPad this evening, I saw advertising that Bishop Gérald Caussé was giving a CES Devotional talk this evening. So, I turned on my iMac and started watching his presentation LIVE, partway through, after it had already begun.

Bishop Gérald Caussé taught of becoming the person you intended to be when you were younger. He talked about patriarchal blessings, he used "The Lion King" Disney movie to illustrate, when Simba is confronted by the Ghost of his father who wants to remind him who he is and who he is supposed to be. He talked of how Simba had run away to flee from his guilt from his father's death. But, Simba is the heir to the throne, and he had to reclaim his place in the circle of life.

Anyway, I think it's very interesting that I would pray to God one evening and the next day a top church leader gave a talk that more or less seemed to be a response to what I had said only in my personal prayer.

I have had so many doubts about the church over the years, but patriarchs and top church leaders do seem to show some kind of great reality to the Church. The truth about the church was all blurry, but there is like an anchor to the reality in how magical the leaders are. That might sound weird.

So - will I reclaim my patriarchal blessings? We'll just have to wait and see - I'm not a total friend of the church, and reactivating might be difficult, as can be exampled by today, with how I'll have to wake up earlier.

But in all truth - some things about my experiences with the church really do turn me off. Will I ever get past it?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Too Much Supply - Not Enough Buyers

I feel kind of sorry for my publisher and the bookstores that printed and stocked copies of my second edition. I was looking at the amazon marketplace, as well as ebay, and it's obvious that there have been quite a few copies of my books printed. The only problem is that no one is actually buying them. If they are being bought, the sales aren't really being reported, but anywho - how is it that I have over 1300 fans, and the vast majority of them don't care to actually buy and read a book that is just waiting to be sold?

I know I PAID the publisher to start publishing my book, but my book is, in fact, so interesting, that one would have hoped that it would have sold better. If it is selling - my publisher isn't reporting it all, at which point I lose pity for the publisher and head towards LULU.

Unfortunately, I am not the best writer. People told me my first edition of my book was well-written, but I couldn't agree - the first edition was horrible. Second edition is a lot better, but as I decided to move away from that publisher I released a third edition at a new publisher, and even third edition contained mistakes.

Now I'm just waiting on Avril Lavigne for a phonecall so I can try to convince her to send me an important document - a document that will/would be the pride and joy of Fourth Edition. Unfortunately, once Fourth Edition comes, all those printed copies of second edition will just sit and rust, but as it is now, second edition is all that's available for sale. I just wish my fans would take a more active role in reading the book though.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've moved to a new format!

I've moved to a new format for the website, a new editor, a new system.

If you want to use or look at the old blog and some of the old pages, you can still see it at

I still have to figure out how to get my facebook stuff on this new system, so hopefully I'll figure that out - eventually.

Pick 3 with God

Is there a God? And if there is a God - how well can we communicate with Him?

In my PIck 3 telepathy experiments with my dad today, I was mostly or even just generally just getting 1/3 results. And my dad got tired of doing the experiments with me, so I decided to continue on my own, with GOD as my test subject, and the pick 3 winnings numbers as a control.

So, I chose 10 consecutive days in the past year that would be used to inspire the numbers God tells me, and for me to compare my results with on the internet.

With my understanding of statistics - the statistical expectations of how the results would be distributed is described here:

0/3 - 7 would be expected to be 0/3.
1/3 - 2-3 would be expected to be 1/3.
2/3 - 0-1 would be expected to be 2/3.
3/3 - 0 would be expected 3/3.

PLEASE NOTE: These calculations and results are based on a BOX result - the ability to get the right numbers in ANY ORDER. Straight is too hard - though it has happened before.

OK, so, I’ve done the 10 Pick 3 questions to God, and here are my results::

0/3 - 2 were 0/3
1/3 - 4 were 1/3
2/3 - 4 were 2/3
3/3 - 0 were 3/3

SO - what do my results tell me? My results tell me that GOD DOES IN FACT EXIST. The downside is that communications aren’t always so clear - there’s room for confusion and inaccuracy. But it does work, more or less.