Saturday, March 17, 2018

Getting De-Hypnotized

So, the Mormon Bishops and Stake Presidents basically hammered this idea into my head that said: "You are required to forgive everyone".

In reality, I found in actual practice the church actually doesn't forgive on many, many occasions.

They require forgiveness, but they don't actually forgive.

So, there was a problem.

Anyway, yesterday I just had what felt like a very therapeutic session discussing this problem and how to get de-hypnotized yesterday with my Dad and Brother.

I really have to thank my brother for being there::: because my Dad will go off on tangents and will flip sides and doesn't keep the discussion objective.

Like, my brother pointed out that my Dad was "flipping sides".

That's because one moment my Dad was advocating that Jesus said "forgive 7 times 70" and the next moment my Dad was saying "You have to call the police".

So Dad::: which is it, am I forgiving 7 times 70 or am I calling the police?

My Dad just seems to have an issue where he can't keep the discussion objective, which is highly apparent when one minute he's advocating one viewpoint, but the next he advocates the opposite.

It's kind of difficult.

When I did a Google Search for "What is forgiveness?" I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most people do NOT require forgiveness in all circumstances.

The Mormon Church required forgiveness of everything,

While with sane person logic, forgiveness is actually supposed to be entirely voluntary and your own choice or decision.

So, I'm basically trying to get de-hypnotized from thinking that I always have to forgive everything.

And then I have to start thinking and deciding for myself what I will forgive and what I will not.

So yeah: there you go: The church always said they always required forgiveness, but in actual practice, they weren't really ever forgiving.

And it's actually scary to think that to actually be like Jesus, then you would be destroying people for their wickedness::::: which means the church changed the definition of forgiveness so that word basically doesn't really actually mean anything useful at all.

There's one sad thing though::::

I try to say good and happy things so that life will be good and happy. It's the law of attraction.

This morning I was sitting next to my Mom at the breakfast table and I said, "Life's good".

She responded, grumpily, "No, life's not good".

So, something is wrong. Hopefully, I can keep myself in a good position, and maybe even help lift her out of whatever is bothering her.

Now, finally, I will just say that the philosophy of NOT FORGIVING people is designed to instill repentance in the population so that people will actually try to do good things and will be disciplined to do things the right way, or generally just to be well behaved.

Always forgiving everything does not encourage good behavior.

By not always forgiving, there is discipline and people will feel more encouraged to behave in a righteous manner.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I can feel pressure in my brain like I might be crazy


I've been writing emails about what I discovered about LDS Church doctrine.

And I'm not allowed to talk with the females of my family about this discovery. My Dad warns me not to, and when I started to introduce the topic to my mom she just didn't want to hear it.

I have a real, real simple way of exposing the LDS Mormon "Impossible Gospel".

But I know there's enough friction in my own home on this topic that I'm not even sure I should just say it on my blog.

Fact is:::: Knowing what I know, knowing how simple the facts are, but then not being able to tell my family and having my family live in ignorance of the basic facts might drive me a bit crazy.

I'm living with a secret that shouldn't be secret.

My Dad doesn't want me to tell, and my Mom doesn't want to know.

And yet I possess some simple truths.

OK:::: Even if this is "volatile" information, I will print it here, just so you can know how the Mormon Gospel is actually IMPOSSIBLE.

What does the gospel teach?

1) Be like God.

Any or most Mormons should know about this.

2) D&C 1:31 ------ "For I the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance;"

In The Book of Mormon, Jesus destroys entire cities for their wickedness when he visits America.

3) D&C 64 -------- You are required to forgive all men.

A teaching constantly taught by LDS Bishops and Stake Presidents.

So:::: yeah:::: the gospel is in fact impossible. The only thing that makes sense about this gospel is that they changed the definition of "forgiveness" ------ but the word "forgive" in Mormonism doesn't mean the same thing now as it did when I was a kid ---- there were at least two different changes at two different times to the definition.

It's that simple.

Want to know something else interesting?

Just a day or two ago, as I looked up these scriptures on ------ the search worked just fine, easy to access and I found what I was looking for.

As I was writing this blog post, looking for these scriptures on the same website ------ suddenly the process has become more convoluted and difficult --- the search process is not so easy anymore.

All in this short time frame where I basically tell some people in private messages about how the Impossible Gospel works (or doesn't work).

So yeah. There you go.

My Dad censors me and my Mom doesn't want to hear it.

The gospel is literally impossible to actually live, under standard English word definitions.

And in a very short period of time, changed their searching mechanism so now it's not so easy to do searches for keywords ---- the process is a lot more convoluted and less helpful now.

Oh yeah ------ and knowing these simple points, yet supposedly not being able to fully discuss them with my family ----- I might go crazy with that.

I guess I just have to find some way of moving on, and trying to stay sane.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Power of saying "Sorry"

So either my troubled sister reads my blog, or one of the personal messages I sent her brother-in-law or our other sister I sent about our troubled childhood may have came to the attention of my troubled sister ---- because I talked to her today and.....

Turns out she was actually ashamed of the problems she was having as a kid.

I can already feel the healing power of those words ---- admission of knowing how wrong things were ---- that is actually a good thing to do.

The big reason I say this is for a long time I was just really frustrated by my sister --- the behavior went on and on for a long time ---- and I would basically be some form of embittered about her.

But now that she's finally told me that she was ashamed of herself, I am actually feeling better with what basically amounts to an apology.

Some might say an apology is just words, but it does actually have an impact on how my soul feels about the situation. I go from embittered to knowing that she wants to get better.

And that's good.

And then we talked about focusing on good and healthy things.

So:::: A little while ago, probably about the time I was concerned about mail not arriving like it should ---- I noticed my Mom received a letter from People.  The return address was just "People" --- with a star there.

It was a bit odd because my Mom has pretty much had little to no involvement with that magazine all the days I've been alive.

People magazine was never a big deal for us ---- we'd basically see it at the stores, but never really thought about it.

But they wrote to my Mom.

And then today, I discovered my Mom had a copy of a recent People magazine.

So, I asked her what the letter was about ------ she wouldn't tell me.

And she also said the magazine doesn't really interest her that much.

So ---- yes ---- my Mom receives a letter from People magazine, never really was interested, still isn't much interested -------- and happens to buy a copy of the publication.

Just. yeah. They sent her a letter.


But hey ----- who knows what's going on ----- a year or two or three ago I know my Mom received a letter that tacitly asked her for a $100,000 donation to their charity on the cover of the envelope.

Yes --- that is also odd ----- if we actually had that kind of money, I mean, wow. So who knows what's actually going on. But that charity letter was years ago.

And today my bank account is empty ---- never seen thousands of dollars, but am aware of a decent amount of distribution of ripoffs.

yeah. Just odd mail.

Monday, March 12, 2018

How to bit a bit more like God

You know how your bishop will constantly tell you D&C 64: "You are required to forgive all men"?

But then they tell you God needs you to REPENT BEFORE you get forgiven by God?

Mormons = required to forgive everything.

God = repent before he forgives you.

This might seem strange, but the method God uses is the same method described in Luke 17. Jesus lays out a process:::

"If a man offend you, rebuke him, and if he repents, then forgive him".

D&C 64:

"You are are required to forgive all men".

Obvoiusly, these are two different ways of doing things.

So, if you were actually like God, you would put D&C 64 aside. Don't even pay attention to D&C 64 if you are actually like God.

The problem is:::::: Your LDS Bishop will ALWAYS bring up D&C 64 if you have a complaint.

Or at least, any time I thought I could take someone to law over something, the church was always telling me I was required to forgive.

Problem is:::: They make this threat that if I don't forgive then I am always the worst person.


What exactly did I do so wrong anyway?

They always threaten me with the greater condemnation ---- but I've never really understood what I did to deserve that.

The biggest sin is to not forgive itself is all I understood.

So, to be like God::: You would just follow Luke 17 like any sane Christian would.

D&C 64 is used to guilt trip and abuse young mormon men by telling them they'll never get any justice and that they are always the worst person no matter how bad the crime in question was.

I always wanted to follow Luke 17 ----- but my LDS Mormon Bishop would never let me, always citing some greater condemantion that they never specify exactly what I did wrong beside the lack of forgiveness itself.


Follow Luke 17. Rebuke offences. If they repent, then forgive them. Decent philosophy.

D&C 64 is just for the abuse and guilt trip. There is no justice with this scripture.

Luke 17::: The offender will likely start to behave themselves.

D&C 64::: Nothing compels the offender to behave, you get no justice, and you are always the worse person.

Luke 17::: God's way

D&C 64::: What Mormons tell you to do even if you achieve some level of godliness in your life.

Anyway. yeah, I thought this topic required it's own new post.


Today I spoke to my police officer brother in law.

Remember how my sisters told me to be crazy, and then didn't care about the logic of how right or wrong that was and continued being Mormons anyway and attending the temple?

I didn't talk directly to my sister or her husband about that ------

But he told me that he's not much of a scriptorian (< is that a word only Mormons use?) and how most of God and Religion is to him is basically a vague idea or reminder to be a good person.

Well, if that's what he likes, then that's what he likes, I'm not going to try to interfere with that.

He has his interests, and it was just me who delved deeper into the studies.

Mostly, my Dad gives me very, very heavy warnings, and basically is trying to hypnotize me, not to discuss religion outside of our household --- and not even with my Mom.

My Dad is in my mind, reminding me "don't say anything about this stuff".

It's not a secret what I know ----- but it's "volatile" information, and basically I just try to keep my Dad happy by not talking to Mormons about their own church.

It's kind of crazy how you want to set them free, but at that point, anything could happen.

So, I just TRY to follow my Dad's advice.

It kind of kills me, to see my family not fully understand what they're involved with. But my Dad looms over me, censoring my mouth.

I am very much understanding of many things many prominent atheists have said ---- there is obviously something very wrong with man's concepts of God and many religions ----------

But I am NOT an atheist. Somehow, I actually managed to learn truthfully for myself that there really is something greater in our world or the universe.

I would love to talk about how I know this ----- but at that point people might accuse me of flaunting unrealistic claims and I'd probably be relegated to the "nonsense" section in many people's minds.

The church said I'd witness miracles --- miracles have happened ------ but there are so many problems when dealing with people about it --- especially with other Mormons.

There is just so much evidence for God in my opinion. I could make claims, people might just take issue with those claims though.

I wrote "The Book of Finch" ----- the first reviewer said I was crazy.

In a sense I am crazy ----- but I am closer to sane than you might think IMO.  It's actually the church that was crazy --- and I was just being raised in and brainwashed with the church.

Everyone has their own opinion.

I know what I know.

yeah ---- basically if I tell the truth, history says people will just argue with me about my experiences.

If I try to sell a book, I'll just be told I'm crazy even if I was telling the truth ----- and then I won't even get paid.

On a side note-----  I looked for my books online again, looking for ebook downloads ------ these days there is no legitimate way to download any ebook of my books -------- only paperbacks -------

But the information I found about how much distribution I've apparently had said I would have quite a wad of cash if people honestly paid me.

For a disability recipient in Canada:::: I'd be rich if people actually honestly paid me for my work. Just looking at how many people apparently ripped me off.

Thing is:::::: I now know I can expect that most people just will not pay -------- and my LDS upbringing hammered it into my head to "forgive everyone".

Truth is, forgiving someone in Mormonism isn't what you think it is,

but I don't like the way Mormons do things, so I'll just feel good about how many people were interested in my work, and I'll hopefully not condemn.

I realize I can never expect to get paid. At least I can say I tried.

The thing about living in a world where people just aren't paying for my work----- I have no desire to start a family.  I can't afford it, and the world is too dishonest for me to want my children to live in it. It's best not to put them through that pain. I know this world can suck ---- and my children will easily end up saying "I wish I was never born" ----- so, I'm thinking I'll preemptively grant that wish.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Looking at my history with a new modern interpretation

One of the stories I left out of The Book of Finch was how one day in probably late 2000 or early 2001 while Annie was still my friend --- My mom got all completely evil about how I was playing a video game on Sunday.

Apparently, church leaders had instructed her to become EXTREMELY angry at doing such things.

Just playing a game. On Sunday. completely wrong.

So, that just told me "Well, I doubt I'm going to get my mother the greater condemnation for being evil-levels of angry"

So, combined with how my mom was so pissed off and it was totally legitimate, I combined that with the Bible Scripture that says "If a man is angry with his brother without reason he shall be in danger of the judgment".

I combined my Mom's exampled anger with how you need a reason and BOOM ----

I told my friend Annie about this interpretation of Christianity where you can be angry, just as long as there was a reason for it.

So, for no reason explained at all, eventually, Annie's parents got all angry at me and said we weren't allowed to be friends anymore.

So::: My mom had a reason to be angry. I thought this was supposed to be allowed.

Then::: Annie's Mom and had got all pissed off but there was NO EXPLANATION why.

I thought her parents should be excommunicated for this, but when the bishop came back to me he said that the government of the church did not agree that they should be punished.

Fast forward to 2018 and now the new definition of forgiveness is just "DO NOT BLAME".

So, now, under the exact wording of the definition on ---- there is no restriction on anger or punishment when you forgive. There is no mention of anger or punishment in the definition.

The key teaching Jesus supposedly taught was just to never BLAME anyone for anything.

So though Annie's parents were pissed off as hell at me, there never was any reason why mentioned, they never blamed me for anything. Forgiveness now has nothing to do with Anger or Punishment----

So under the new Mormon definition of Forgiveness, Annie Liability's parents technically forgave me.

Rather than "If you are angry with your brother without reason you are in danger of the judgment"

rather than that, the real scripture was apparently supposed to be: "You can be pissed off and angry as hell at your brother AS LONG AS THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT".

Yeah, Mormonism.

The actual truth was apparently the exact opposite of what the Bible said. Wonderful.

Now nothing makes sense.

But yeah --- if that's the definition of Forgiveness in this church, then really there's nothing to condemn Annie's parents about and the Bible and previous definitions of "Forgive" were completely misleading.

I know the real definition of "forgive" is to pardon or excuse an offense or crime from punishment, while the victim does not feel angry,

but Mormons will be Mormons, so they believe as long as you don't blame anyone for anything, you are good.

So there you go. By 2018 there was a new definition of forgiveness, a new way to know how the bible is wrong, and the Church leaders were "legit" in how they wouldn't pass judgment against unreasoning anger.

There you go.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Pretty much a contradiction

You know how Mormons are trying to become like God?

They say "I'm trying to be like Jesus" ---- and they believe, as I think the Book of Mormon says, that Jesus is "one" with his father. And we are trying to be like them.

Well, the Mormons like to say "God cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance".

God hates sin.  He does not allow it in any way shape or form.

But what does the Mormon church tell us that we HAVE to do, that we are REQUIRED to do?

"Forgive all men. Be long-suffering and slow to anger".


If we're trying to be like God ---- then why are the instructions of the church that you are REQUIRED to follow the exact opposite of how GOD would behave????

If I was like Jesus, I would forgive and not forgive the same people Jesus forgives and doesn't forgive.

But despite telling us to be like Jesus, they then turn around and say we are required to forgive EVERYONE.

That' NOT how you become like Jesus! You don't tell us to become like God and then tell us we are required to do things that GOD WOULD NOT DO.



How can you never allow any sin, yet always be so forgiving??? It's not logical. It's just plain stupid.

Anyway ------

These thoughts are, again, developed from my experience of being told to be the Lord's Servant --- and a Servant does what he's told ----- and I was ACTUALLY TOLD to be crazy.

And although I was actually TOLD to be crazy ---- they then started complaining about me being crazy when I did become crazy.

Something is completely wrong.

You got what you wanted --- and now you're complaining about it????

But, in the end, it does kind of make sense that I would be crazy ---- because the Church I was brainwashed to believe in as the absolute truth, well, it was actually just a complete lie.

If we believe in something completely dishonest -- then yes, that is "crazy".

But, the real unfortunate thing is that me, my schizophrenic brother and father are the only members of the immediate family who realize the church isn't really true.

My Sisters, who wanted me to be crazy, still haven't figured out the actual truth.

It doesn't even make sense that they'd want their miracle-working older brother to be insane, and then continue being Mormons and going to the temple as if the church actually is the truth ---- it doesn't make any sense, but that's what they've done.

It only makes sense to tell the miracle worker he's crazy if the belief system seems wrong somehow. Yet --- they were telling me I'm crazy and then they don't even realize for years anything about any of the problems, and they still go to the temple.

It's not logical.

It's weird how I was told that I was schizophrenic ---- but after years of hearing me talking about my decision-making process, the nurse finally determined that there was "a method to my madness".

I was actually trying to figure things out, logically. And I was the schizophrenic one.

While my sisters are considered mentally healthy, but their decisions and actions are actually seeming to be quite senseless and unexplainable.

Yeah, it's just weird how that is.

I could go through and logically reason about many decisions I made --- which only just proved the Church to be dishonest in the end.

And though I can clearly see the church is not really true ---- and though my Sisters wanted their miracle-working older brother to be insane --- somehow they don't realize how wrong their beliefs really are. They don't seem to care about actual truth or logic.


The biggest point of this post is the Doctrinal issue between trying to be like God, but then being told to be different from God. It's so dumb.


The above URL is what I discovered about how the LDS Mormon church NOW defines "forgiveness".

In all my time as a Mormon, this is the first time I've seen this definition used.

When I was young, they did not use the same definition.

The definition basically says "To forgive is divine. When you forgive you excuse or pardon a person from being blamed for a sin".

SO:::: You can never blame anyone for anything in Mormonism.

That either means EVERYONE goes to heaven -----

or it means that though you are not to blame for what happened, you will still be punished for it.

In a world where we cannot determine blame, that means there is no reason for anything.

If you blame someone, you will burn in hell worse than they will.

You have no blame for anything that ever happened in your life, but God will still judge you for --- for what exactly????

Anyway ---- I know the church punishes people who they do not blame.

I don't blame you, but you are still going to hell for this.

Or else, everyone goes to heaven and only people who lay blame go to hell.

It doesn't make any sense. I still like a more "regular Christianity" interpretation of what Jesus said, that excludes D&C 64. The real world's definition of "forgiveness" is, more or less, pardon or excuse and offense, which means you do not get punished for what you did.

There is a slight difference between the real definition and the Mormon definition.

The real definition::: You are pardoned or excused so you are not punished.

The Mormon definition::: You are pardoned or excused so you are not blamed.

They also say that Forgiveness is a DIVINE attribute.

So a God who cannot look upon sin with any allowance also doesn't blame anyone for anything.

I don't blame you for doing that, but I do not allow what you did. ???

Yes ---- that does seem to point to a world where you are never to blame, but you are always punished for who knows what.

I just don't understand.

The Mormon doctrine still seems heavily unreasonable.

It's saying that you can never hold anyone accountable for their actions (despite being accountable at the age of 8) so if you get punished for something, it's not your fault but you still have to suffer for whatever it was that happened ---- which is still just plain wrong anyway.


Upon further thinking about the new Mormon definition of Forgiveness ----

I am realizing that this is quite a "sensible" way for Mormons to define their word.

It doesn't fully make sense, because though you are accountable at the age of 8 --- you are never actually accountable for anything you do with this new definition,

but it's the best they could do with the scriptures they have, I guess.

It may be completely debatable how good or useful this definition may ever be combined with any doctrines any church may ever have (especially the LDS church doctrine).

Yes ---- though it may make sense to just not blame a person for anything they ever do of their own free will --------

WHY tell an 8-year-old he's accountable if he's never to blame for anything he does?

It still doesn't make sense.

The worst sin you can now commit in Mormonism is to blame someone for their own actions.

Typically, in the real world --- you would blame someone for something that person did. They did it, they get the blame. More or less.

But now it's wrong to find a reason for anything happening, there are no reasons, nobody is accountable for anything they do.

But yeah, I just wonder how you can tell an 8 year old he's accountable for his own actions when in fact he is never to blame by God's divine decree for anything he does.

It still doesn't really make sense.