Wednesday, March 29, 2017


So sometimes last year I was contacted by a Japanese person (in Japanese) who was interested in doing some kind of business with me that involved lots of money.

When I showed some of the message to my Dad's Japanese friend who I wanted to help me as an interpreter, he did NOT believe these messages were real --- and everyone around me generally thought it was all fake and scammy.

Anyway, from what I understood of this person's messages, they did identify themselves, and their Facebook profile said they had worked on a bunch of Marvel movies.

I thought Marvel was owned by Disney, so I thought this person was a Disney Employee.

But I turned on my Forge this morning and saw that Sony is behind the next Spider-Man movie.

Ah ---- a Japanese person from SONY --- makes a lot more sense now. I was confused about why Disney would be dealing in Japanese.

Anyway, I have difficulty understanding Japanese so I largely ignore her emails ---- and some of the newer emails weren't quite making sense to me ------ and even in Japanese I think there are too many typos to make this totally understandable ------

So, I could maybe understand if SONY was trying to get me to build a game for PS4 or something, but she didn't mention PS4. So I don't know.

Basically, SONY or Disney or whoever you are::: if you want to do business with me, I would need it in English. The Japanese is just too misunderstandable. Everyone thought the messages were fake scam mail.

When Xiaomi sent me an email:::: they sent it in English!!! It wasn't too clear why they wanted me to have an account at their company, but still::: it was in english!!!

So, I'm sorry if you guys feels like I'm ignoring you too much and if business doesn't make sense right now, but I don't handle stress very well and the Japanese is just too hard to understand. And there are so many typos and such that I can't help but wonder if the emails are fake, like everyone around me.

I'm currently signed up for a computer science course online ---- but though I have lots of free time, I barely spend any time on this course even, because, well, I'm not sure why, I guess I don't like doing it that much, or my attention span is too short, or maybe it stresses me -----

but yeah, I'm considered to be mentally ill, even severely handicapped, and meds only take me so far to mental improvement.

So, I'm sorry if I seem like I'm not paying attention::: but it's just too much to deal with when you send lots of Japanese messages.

Yeah, not much of a clue over here, sorry, especially when my interpreter wouldn't believe in it.

but the real reason behind this post is that I thought they were Disney, when in fact they may have been Sony, which makes a bit more sense. But it all may have been fake anyway.

Friday, March 24, 2017

In Awe of the God Mystery

I have watched a bunch of Atheism youtube videos in the past years - talking about how (in their science) science hasn't found God and how religion is full of evils -----

I will agree that religion can be very dysfunctional and maybe even evil, but in my own science, in my own observations of my reality --- GOD IS REAL.

In my last post I talked about how I asked God if I would win the lottery, and then I ALMOST won.

I forgot to mention in that post that on Monday I just out of the blue decided to take out the cards and poker chips and have a few play hands of poker with my family for fun ---- not knowing that this very same day Poker Lotto had been released. I don't normally play poker with my family, but that day I just magically decided to --- on the same day the Poker Lotto game was released, except I didn't know about the new lottery game.

And then I realized a memory I had which I posted about where I asked God for the winning Pick 3 numbers, and the voice or whatever in my head just told me what was printed on the front page of the lottery website.

In fact, in my reality, I can often know before I scratch if my scratch n' win ticket is a winner. It's not a perfect system of knowing because I think there are some mistakes --- but I have found it immensely useful to ask God about my chances of winning the scratch n' win before I play.

God is a big mystery. You often don't see Him anywhere, but he is there, as a voice in your head, telling you things you should not otherwise know.

Atheists say God could not be found anywhere in their explorations ---- but for me, somehow God is basically in my head, and he's telling me things I shouldn't know from my regular 5 senses.

The concept of God being inside us is well documented in Christian Texts.

Mormonism wasn't perfect or even that great --- but one great thing the Mormons did for me was introduce me to God and the concept of personal revelation.

Mormonism, as atheists would likely point out, is FULL of problems ------ but they did teach me useful things about talking to God, and stuff like that.

I think the atheists have a very interesting perspective on God and religion ---- but I don't accept it fully because from personal experience, on many occasions, there is something more out there that I can only think or know to call "God".

In some ways the psychiatrists have put the church to shame, but conversely the church knew things that the psychiatrists did not understand or even believe in.

The mormon church is at best dysfunctional at this point, but I did learn things from them which are very interesting and even realistic (in my experience).

There IS magic in the LDS Mormon church. I don't know how or why -- but I know it is there. I experienced it for myself.

Anyway ---- Atheists are very interesting and even very smart, but from what I've experienced they miss the mark ----- I have so much experience with a magical reality that I will not deny it --- because I know it is real.

The doctors can drug me, but I still know what I know.

The church is dysfunctional and full of betrayal --- but they do have some sense of a greater reality.

With psychiatry, in my past experience, anything to do with voices in your head and  you have a problem right away.

But it was the church that taught me about personal revelation ---- and personal revelation is very effective when it comes as a voice in your head, in my experience.

The voices that the doctors believe to be illness, and some mormons in high positions believe to be illness, are actually communications from a paranormal or maybe supernatural source that explain things you should know without knowing with your 5 senses.

Right now, I remember hearing a voice say "That bird's dead!" only later to find that day that our pet bird had died.

I remember hearing "Giant air strike!" in my mind, only to find out later from the news that the Americans had just performed a giant air strike in their war effort ----

the voices, which doctors drugged me for, are actually truthful and relevant.

And thankfully, a psychologist I once talked to accepted that.

But we also know that some voices are liars, and this is where mental illness comes from.

Sometimes the voices in your head don't tell the truth.  And it can drive a man mad.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Almost won a lottery prize

In The Book of Finch I tell the stories of how I mostly or almost predicted the Pick 3 properly as well as how I printed an old Super 7 ticket in 2007 and all three quick picks had the numbers 23 in them on the day The Number 23 movie was released in theaters.

On Monday, the Spring Equinox, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation released a new lottery game for us western canadians to play::: Poker Lotto.

I played twice on Day 2 of the lottery, the first times I played. No luck. The best I did was match three numbers (but wrong suits) on the nightly draw on one ticket.

So with Poker Lotto in Canada, there are two ways to win::: Instant win, and nightly draw. An instant win is if you get a good poker hand when you get your quick pick.

Anywho, today I was at a corner store, and I quietly asked God in my mind "If I play poker lotto right now, will I win an instant win?"  The answer I thought I got from God was affirmative. Basically, as I understood God in my mind, I would win the instant win if I played at that time.

So I go to buy my drink, and I also ask for the Poker Lotto ticket.

The numbers are printed:::::

results? I was ONE card away from a Straight. I would have gotten a straight if my Jack was a 2 instead.

I was TWO cards away from a Straight Flush.

I mean, since I lost the instant win, this seems like nothing ---- but in the first to tickets I played I didn't get nearly as close to a real hand.

If I had gotten the straight, I think my instant prize would have been $20.

if I had gotten a straight flush, the prize I think would have been $1000.

But yeah, just interesting like that, how I could ask God about my chances, get a good response, and then BOOM --- I'm off by one card.

So what went wrong? Who knows. maybe I am a little bit cursed in my life, which does seem to make sense. Or maybe God doesn't love me enough. I don't know. Whatever.

But to me, it was just amazing to have a positive response in my head, and then ALMOST get the prize.

Monday, March 20, 2017

More Famous Email

A year or two ago my spam box was being inundated with emails that claimed to be from essentially famous people. My spam box even said "there's a millionaire who wants to date you!"

Of course, I wasn't too sure about the authenticity of these emails, but it is true that Avril Lavigne or her body double have made appearances in my life more than once in the past year or so.

No email from Avril, but yeah, I'd get email saying a millionaire wants to date me (which I ignored besides seeing it), and then Avril or her body double show up at the clinic that helps me recover from my childhood.

Anyway ---- I was looking at financial information about companies I might ever potentially invest in online, when the email ding'd on my ipad.

I checked my email.

OK -- here we go again::::: A very famous business person has apparently just written to me.  OK then.

Email basically said the economy is doomed, and the government can't stop it from happening.

Take it all with a grain of salt......

but yeah, just weird to be doing investment "research" when I get an email in my inbox that claims to be from a famous business person. It looks like spam, but who knows.

So yeah, famous business person warns that economy is gonna blow. Or "implode", as the email said.

Is it real? who knows --- just very weird.

What's even weirder about this email is that it was sent to an address I have only used for pornography websites.

I have my regular email accounts for different purposes ---- the email addy that received this message was my old porno email. So whatever.

Yeah. huh.

I actually don't like sex that much, to me it's a nuisance and I like staying away from it ----- but as a young man full of testosterone I know that often times I was so driven with sexual appetite. So that's what that email was for ---- I just haven't used it for ANYTHING for a LONG time.

So, it's just weird that this old email that I pretty much never used got an email from a billionaire.

Who knows how.  Who knows how real it is.

Friday, March 17, 2017

What I Watch

I watch a little bit of Netflix --- but I watch a lot of Youtube. Educational Youtube.

Google figured out a way of figuring out what you are interested in, and then putting videos in your feed on that topic.

I learned about Mormonism, religion, Linux, the economy, banking, and winning the lottery. As well as being fed these "anti-materialism" videos. And stuff about telepathy.

Anyway --- there's TONNES of VERY INTERESTING content on Youtube.

And I'm pretty sure they gear your feed towards things you are interested in --- things special to you.

Maybe they talk to me about the lottery because sometimes I visit -- the Western Canada Lottery Corporation's website.

But I just kind of wonder when they're showing me a video about "How to invest your money if (when?) you win the lottery".

Basically, in my mind I'm just going back to the concept of how I had the potential to make a lot of money on my work, I saw a 2.6million price tag for my product, but I don't see sales or revenue at all or at most in very minute quantities.

Maybe there's no point in trying::: people just won't buy things. They prefer freebies and stealing, a couple bucks is WAY too expensive. Apparently.

I had the potential to earn a lot. I got very very little from my effort, and put so much of my own resources into these projects.

And I found evidence that people just didn't want to pay even the smallest amount for my work -- they wanted it for free, or they wanted to steal it.

But what if I did sell copies? If I sold a million copies, I wasn't told about it.

If I sold a million copies, there are people who should know --- like me for one, the government too, and I'm sure the Unity 3d people would like to hear about that too.

Yeah, it was just amazing how little I charge and how people just wouldn't pay.

That tells me there's likely something wrong. And it's a big problem.


And after proof-reading the above, my mind remembered a concept about Universal Basic Income:::

On Youtube, I learned that that with UBI you could be taxed for your business based on an "Automation Index" for your business.

Seeing as how my business is very automated, with me doing some work to build the product, but there's unlimited distribution very automated,

well, with such high levels of automation in my business, a UBI BAI (Universal Basic Income Business Automation Index) would tax me pretty heavily. So maybe that's maybe a reason.

Yeah, Youtube recently told me about that too.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Did something go wrong with my mac? Or what is this?

I'll just explain my symptoms here, this is weird:

So, I've been learning and using XCode recently. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this.

But 9 minutes ago my notifications on my mac said I had like 100-something notifications from Facebook.

I opened my browser to look at Facebook to see what's going on ---- there's not much out of the ordinary to discuss.

So I clicked on the top-right hand corner icon on my mac (the horizontal lines) and found the same notification repeated over like a hundred times:

 "Kris, find more of your friends on Facebook".

This is normally the kind of thing Facebook sends me, because I am a man of few friends ---- but how'd I get this like 100 times over?

Plus - notice in my screenshot how the notifications centre is all bright and light-based?

Didn't that happen to used to be darkened? What happened? I looked for a setting in my System Preferences to switch between light and dark -- maybe it's just me but I couldn't find it.

Maybe I'm just thinking of Budgie Remix's darkened notifications, and maybe I only updated to Sierra a little while ago ---- but yeah, I remembered the notifications to be dark, and now they're light.

And maybe it was just me, but I couldn't find a light vs dark setting in the Preferences just yet.

Does XCode have anything to do with this? A hundred notifications all telling me the same useless stuff, and a different color scheme?

Was I hacked, or is this a virus of some kind? Dunno.

Just very weird.

I suppose I should just mention that in my XCode playing I built two simple apps and sent them to my Sister and Brother-in-Law who also use macs as freeware. So who knows.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

They Phoned Me

Earlier this morning I mentioned that Xiaomi emailed me. I was cautious but hopeful. I wasn't too sure what to make of the message, but I did eventually send them an email asking what was going on.

And then, today as my Dad and I were fiddling with Software Defined Radio on my Linux Laptop --- I got a phonecall on my personal cell phone.

I didn't recognize the number, and from past experience I knew that unrecognized number phone calls tended to be garbage, so I screened the call.

I decided to look up the number that called online:::: The NDP phoned.


Alberta's ruling party phoned, and I'm not even a member of the party. I have historically showed tendencies to support them, but I'm not actually a member.

So, now I've got a mysterious email from a Tech Giant that I have to wonder about, as well as having to consider that the ruling party of my homeland just tried to contact me.

I feel so small now.

There is so much that goes on in my world, and I can't bring myself to remember everything important all at once --- especially when I suffer from severe psychological issues.

But there you are. The big guys are coming. And then in a week I'll forget about it all, and then who knows what will happen, if I'm ever so skittish about human contact.

So, is this all good news?

Some recent good news is that I've been low on cash for this current month's budget, so I've forced myself to kick my fast food habit.

For so many years I was addicted to eating out.  This month it's just not economical.  And that might just be a healthy thing for me.

I can have just as much food or more from cheaper sources, so I'm not complaining.

Hopefully I can completely kick the fast food habit, and live healthier and wealthier.

And the really good news is I'm not suffering from cravings, so yay.

But yeah, so much goes on, I can hardly think about it all at once, and today was just interesting.

I might as well also mention that the NDP will table their budget in the legislature on the 16th. So, something is going on.