Sunday, July 14, 2019

Some Explanation Found

Last night my Mom asked my brother if he really needs to use one mug for each cup of coffee he makes using the Keurig.

He DOES actually feel he needs to use one mug for each cup of coffee he makes.


A few mornings ago when I found two mugs with two K-Cups beside each of them ------ looked like the strangest thing in the world to me ---------

But that, apparently, IS in fact how my brother drinks his coffee, and I'm sure he drinks a lot of coffee.

That explains one part of this story.

My brother does use one mug per serving of coffee he drinks ----- he doesn't reuse the mugs until the mugs have been through the wash.

That explains that then.

So::::: was I really encountering some kind of coffee fairy?

The simple truth is:::::: My brother's answers to some questions would indicate there is a coffee fairy -------

But I already know that my brother doesn't always tell the truth, due to his illness, so there's a huge possibility that regardless of what he says ----- it's actually just him, who knows why- taking my coffee and leaving me some money for it.

Angel: maybe ------ brother: more likely ---------

but that doesn't explain the voice that woke me up the other night. I don't know. There was a voice, and though I don't remember it fully as well as when I heard it ---- I'm sure there was a voice.

What about my chocolate bars and star wars playing cards then?

Maybe sometimes things just go missing ---- which explains the star wars playing cards --------

so those missing chocolate bars were either evidence that there really might be some spectre taking my supplies ------- and I actually don't feel right about accusing my brother each time ---- although with his illness he really might be that confused.

Ah ----- one more bit of evidence -------- I also have two other methods of making Coffee that do not involve K-Cups ----- they involve plain ground coffee -------

I had a large tin full of coffee which I eventually used up so much, almost completely ----- that I gave the tin to my father because he wanted it.

It's the strangest thing ----- after some time my Dad returned the tin to me ------- well, the tin apparently got partially reloaded. Somehow. No explanation.

The tin, when finished, had way less coffee in it ------ and then more coffee found its way in there and my Dad decided to return the tin.

So either my family really is playing some sort of game or trick on me ---------- or there is some magic.

There is no explanation of how a mostly empty tin got partially reloaded.

And that is another thing to mention for this storyline.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Heard a Voice Now

I woke up at about 4:20-4:25am.

I was woken up by hearing a voice.

The voice was male. The best analysis that I could make immediately after hearing it was that it MIGHT have sounded like a young version of my dead Grandfather.

I did wonder if I made the noise myself ---- but I didn't ---- my vocal cords were not feeling operational -------- if that makes any sense to you.

What did the voice say?

It wasn't even a whisper --- it was spoken loudly enough to more than wake me ---- it was a male voice, comparable to my dead Grandfather:

It said "OH". Or "O".

This was about 20 minutes ago.

Yeah ----- this NEVER happens. I was awoken by a voice.

I turned on my bedside light --- I could not see anyone.

Because of the way the voice sounded, I have some reason to suspect it was Grandpa --- and that he's now young again.

My Grandfather actually died last November I believe, shortly before Remembrance Day.

The day he died, I was in the bathroom at a store, when I started to faintly hear "The Last Post" play ------ nobody else reports having heard the song, maybe because I was just alone in the bathroom.

Anyway. Yeah.

I tried standing in the living room, having made some coffee, and saying "Hello? Hello Ghost?" ---- but there is no response --- I am not sure about how to go about doing stuff like this.

When I grew up in the church ---- the church made rumours of magical or spiritual happenings second nature. This kind of talk is what I grew up with.

I never went to the temple, but I hear a rumour that in the temple there are things they aren't supposed to talk about.

Anyway, despite being raised with stuff like this and how it became second nature --- it is just a little weird how the church put me into psychiatry with my beliefs in stuff like that. Just weird about the church yet again.

Not sure what else there is to say.  This morning I was awoken by a ghostly voice. Kind of like Grandpa.

Does this explain the coffee fairy? Just very interesting series of events.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Coffee Fairy

I woke up at a bit after 2am this morning.

I did have a cup of coffee.

After sitting around for a while, I realized it was still pretty early so I went back to lay down in bed.

While I was in bed, I could hear someone upstairs.

I eventually got out of bed again and went to have another cup of coffee.

It's the weirdest thing, but I suspect some of my K-Cups went missing again.

I DID hear someone walking around ----- and then I find my coffee supply diminished more than it probably should have been again.

So, I drank my coffee and waited for other members of the family to get up to ask them.

My brother finally got up a moment ago.

I asked him if he was up around that period of time.

He said he was probably awake, but not actually up.

He may have made a bathroom visit.

This does not sound like someone who has taken my coffee. No --- my brother is not the explanation if he is being truthful.

This now seems to be kind of like a Santa Claus thing ---- someone visits in the night to take coffee, and also leaves payments for coffee on the kitchen table during the night.

The coffee fairy. Huh.

This might seem fantastical ----- but I am actually telling truth from real reality.

My coffee among, other supplies, has a tendency, it seems to diminish faster than I consume it.

So --- yeah, this is just something interesting to mention on my blog.

The mystery of the Coffee Fairy.

Not sure what else to say. This has actually been going on for quite a while and I am only mentioning it just now.

The most recent payment during this story's timeline was $10. Usually, the payment is $20.

I guess I can live with that. It actually feels kind of good ---- to be able to actually sell something ----- considering all these years of distribution with nothing in return.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I'm serious --- something strange really is going on

I just came back home from a family errand my parents were doing.

Before we left, about 2 or 3 hours ago, I was calling back the dentist about an appointment the dentist office wanted to make for a teeth cleaning.

My dentist is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He's always reminding me about the church whenever he talks to me.

Well, I made the phonecall --- they picked up ---- and very quickly the whole telephone call was just disconnected.

Is this a sign that a ghost not want me to be involved with church anymore? That dentist office is one of the last connections to the Church I have in my life besides my Mom and Sisters ----- so did a ghost just disconnect my phonecall to one of the last traces of the church in my life?

I mean ---- Phonecalls have pretty much never "just disconnected" my whole life -------

So while I'm having spooky experience with Angels buying Coffee ------ Phonecall with Church Dentist office gets disconnected.

Yeah ---- I can actually feel myself tear up about this --- I don't know why.

But that phonecall disconnection is absolute evidence, even proof, of something besides normal going on.

Just Interesting and Weird

So on Saturday afternoon to Sunday Morning, I was writing about how some of my Keurig Coffee Pods were obviously missing from a package ------

There were only two possible explanations::: Either my brother or some kind of Ghost or Angels.

My brother told me that his coffee pods also disappear faster than he drinks them.

And then by Sunday Morning, I find payment for the coffee on the Kitchen table.

So: either there's a ghost or angel that buys our coffee ------ or my brother is confused and tells me his coffee goes missing but then pays me for that for some reason. I don't know.

Then, by Tuesday, on a walk around the neighbourhood----- well, my brother was still asleep in his bedroom at that time, but I find a man who looks very much like my brother walk past and greet me.

Today the story gets a little weirder.

I woke up about 20 minutes ago. I was making a cup of coffee when I noticed something:::::

On the stove, by the coffee maker -------- there are two coffee mugs just sitting there. Each coffee mug has a K-Cup of decaf placed before it (2 coffee mugs and 2 unused K-Cups of decaf).

Why? I have no idea. This never happens. My parents don't drink coffee.

Either it really is some kind of ghost ---------

Or we can all feel very much wonderment about how confused my brother's thinking is.

Either this stuff about coffee missing and payment and strange arrangement of mugs and K-Cups is all due to a ghost ---------

Or my brother is engaging in really, really confusing behaviours where he takes my coffee even though he has his own ---- then he only just says his own coffee also goes missing ----- then he pays me overpriced values for all this coffee ------- and for no reason I could ever understand places two mugs on the stove with one K-Cup (unused K-Cup I should say) each sitting there.

It's possible that my brother IS actually a very confused individual ----- he has had problems for a very long time ---------

So now it's just weird that there was also that guy on the block who looks JUST LIKE my brother.

That guy maybe was some kind of doppelganger ---- or who knows if it was a ghost of some ancestor that my brother's appearance took after. It would even be weirder fi it was an actor.

Not a whole lot is making sense.

Either my brother is very, very confused and his double has appeared now -------

Or there's some kind of ghost or angel making very real interactions with us in our home.

My parents don't drink coffee. They don't explain any of this.

This has just gotten really strange. Either my brother either has deeply weird issues in his head --- which he might,

Or some kind of paranormal phenomena has been occurring.

It just doesn't make any sense why there are two coffee cups with 2 K-Cups sitting there like that.

It doesn't make any sense at all.


As for that movie I sensed a personal relation to when I read the synopsis ---- I learned more about the movie ----- and though the movie isn't really about me ------ it can be seen to be very relatable to my life experience even now. I still see some comparison.

There's my life ---- and The Number 23 is like a retelling of my life ------- and then this movie is like .a completely different way, seemingly, of telling parts of that story yet again, it seems like. Just strange to me. And this is only from what I understand of the basic premise of the movie as talked about in "preview videos" and the synopsis. I just see it as relatable.

This sort o thing has happened in my mind over and over and over again. Maybe I'm the one with the weird psychology now.


My parents are finally up now. I talked to my Dad as he sat in his bed about my finding with the two coffee cups.

He says he himself also found this happening the other night.

He attributes it to my brother ---- my brother organizing his coffee drinking.

SO:::: To my Dad, this really might just be a really strange behaviour from my brother.

Why does one man, my brother, need two different coffee cups instead of just one? I have no idea.

Doesn't make sense ---- but this is apparently what I live with.

I DID say it's possible that my brother is just a very confused person. It doesn't really make any sense ---- but this is the truth of my reality.

On a side note, I could say that I'm just wasting my life because most members of my family haven't figured out "the way to be" yet ---- and I'm not allowed to teach them either it seems.

I myself have been attributed with mental illness, but I view myself as basically being lightyears ahead of my family ----- and that my family's problems just rub off on me because I'm around them all the time.

There are better "ways to be" ------- but I can't force my family to adopt those ways, so this is what I live with. And, yeah, I myself am considered mentally ill because of it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Relating to yet another movie synopsis

One of the big things behind my book The Book of Finch is that I felt my own personal life related so extremely well to the movie "The Number 23".

This has also kind of sort of happened with other texts, such as that Sci-Fi flick "Valerian".

Clues for why I relate to Valerian::::: I'm Kris Attfield. Chris Hadfield is an astronaut with a comparable name. An actress with name comparable to "Lavigne". Blue people living in tropical paradise relates to Blaine Bananatree -----stuff like that.

Anyway ----- I've only just seen the Poster for this movie and read the synopsis:::::

But I'm already seeing comparisons between it and myself.

Unfortunately, I will not say which movie this is or what is relatable necessarily about it ------

BECAUSE::::: it's obvious that one of the characters in the movie might be named after a character of at least some small importance in my own life::::: but I was warned long ago not to actually identify numerous people in my own work ----- so for the sake of maintaining one person's privacy, I won't be able to tell you about this new movie I feel comparisons to from the Synopsis alone.

The movie isn't really about me. But it could be seen to probably have been inspired by something about my life.

Why do I see things like this going on in my life?

Probably from my relationship with God. I made a deal with God when I was young, and God seems to be fulfilling his side of the deal as best He can ---- even if the Church I was raised in is completely oblivious.

There may be or probably are other factors involved besides "just God" ----- but I don't think I could possibly tell you about those factors, largely because I don't really know.

But one thing I can reveal is that has told me about my famous relatives ---- many of them are distant cousins, and though this is just speculation, it's not necessarily impossible that some of my cousins MIGHT (or might not) be involved. You never really know. But this might be an explanation.

I mean, you really never know:::: one interesting fact about my family is my Grandparents and their kids knew Jim Carrey's family before he was famous if I remember the family lore properly.

I suppose you might view myself "making connections" and comparing myself to movies like The Number 23 or Valerian as some symptom of my Schizophrenia.

It's true, those two movies technically aren't really me ----- but they compare so completely well ----- and that's exactly what I learned to look for in English Class in High School.

Part of my personal problem in my own life is my Dad was never really any good at English classes and he's not aware of things like comparing and contrasting like I was trained to do in High School English.

To my Dad, who was never any good in English class, these comparisons I make are more likely things of mental illness.


It's getting weirder now.

I this update MIGHT relate more to my previous blog post --- but I'll say it here.

As my parents and I were going for a walk just moments ago, we walked past this truck that was idling with no driver inside. The kind of truck that would be easy to steal I'm sure.

My Dad seemed to express the most confusion about this in his body language ---- but we just kept walking, left the truck alone.....

As I walked a short distance later, a man emerged from a gateway in a yard.

He looked VERY MUCH like my brother. Like a body double.

My brother had a hairstyle from years ago:::: this man's hair looked much like my brother's hair, the exact same color --- looked much like my brother. Most people DO NOT look like my brother.

Just the strangest thing.

I continued walking, and this man who looked like my brother, I heard him get into that truck and drive away.

Strange things. My brother was asleep that whole time too, in his bedroom.

This man was a little bit shorter than my brother.

I know what I saw, and yes, it's the strangest stuff. Weird but true.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Unbelievable but seems likely

Over the years, sometimes my stuff just goes missing. Nobody ever knows where it goes.

Shortly before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney --- I had bought a deck of holographic Star Wars playing cards. They were really quite nice. But they disappeared shortly after I bought them.

I've lost two different sets of install discs for two different operating systems, although that sort of thing was a long time ago.

I've noticed that my bar fridge's supply of drinks also seems to disappear a lot quicker than I ever drink them.

I buy so much ---- and I'm pretty sure it disappears without me drinking that much.

I recently opened a new 30-pack of Keurig K-Cups of coffee. I only drank 2 or 3 of those K-Cups so far.

But I look at my supply in that box, and more than just 2 or 3 of the cups are missing. I'm 100% certain I've only drunk 2 or 3, but more than 2 or 3 are missing.

When I talk about it with my brother ---- he reports the same thing ------- nobody ever goes into his room, yet his supply of coffee in his room dwindles way faster than he's drinking it.

It's like there's a ghost that comes to our house and steals our coffee and stuff.

Also::: a month or two ago I bought a great supply of Chocolate bars. Half those chocolate bars disappeared way faster than they should have.

It really does seem like there's a ghost that comes along and steals our supplies.

I just thought I'd report that ---- especially now that I'm 100% certain I only drank 2 or 3 K-Cups but more than that are now missing.

I'm also kind of upset about losing those Star Wars playing cards. Playing Cards are easy to come by ---- but those playing cards are NOT easy to come by especially since Lucasfilm was bought by Disney and they were especially nice cards too. It's really too bad.

UPDATE: Payment Received:::::

I'm up at 4am, and just a moment ago I found a note on the table that said "For Coffee" with TEN Dollars with it ----- the payment for my coffee I suppose.

Just yesterday evening I watched one of my parents clean up all the used K-Cups sitting around the Keurig.

I've found probably 8 used K-Cups that my brother drunk in one night. Some are decaf, some are not -------- he drinks A LOT of coffee. Probably more caffeine than he should.

And either the "ghost" or my brother is paying me for my coffee now too.

If I ask my brother about the money ---- he will claim responsibility ----- which means if he drinks my coffee, he turfs the used K-Cup somewhere where I don't see it ---- unlike most coffee we drink where we just leaving the used cup sitting by the Keurig.

I don't know ------ it's a little weird ------- but for whatever reason, my brother decided to pay me for my coffee.

Personally, I would only charge $1 per K-Cup ------- he seems to voluntarily spend more than he has to ------- although maybe I'm not aware of all his drinking habits (he might have dived into my 80 pack of Decaf).

With all my supplies that have gone missing over time, maybe I shouldn't argue with his decision to pay me handsomely ----- it's actually very considerate of him.

I could go on about how I find unexpected loot in my house sometimes ---- and then my parents usually claim responsibility ----------

but I'll just say one day I found all the supplies needed for making Smores on the kitchen table ----- my Dad claimed he bought them ------- and then we didn't even eat them. We just put them away.

Bought supplies for smores and we didn't eat them? Weird.

Along with supplies just disappearing, sometimes it seems like supplies just appear in our house too ------ but, of course, my parents commonly claim responsibility for this.

I dunno ------Trade and barter have gotten confusing enough when I distribute at least a thousand products but make less than $20 on them.

Whatever inspired my brother to give me $10 for just a few K-Cups ---- I would say he's over-charging himself, but hey ----- it's really nice of him actually ----- especially considering all the times I didn't get paid in my actual business.


Just think about how strange that is:::: Some of my coffee disappears ----- I ask my brother --- he doesn't know where it went, and claims his own coffee supplies dwindle faster than he drinks.

and then during the night I find a payment for coffee on the kitchen table.


My brother doesn't claim to drink my coffee ---- he says his own coffee goes missing too ----- my parents don't drink coffee ------- we both notice this, have no idea where it's all going ---------

and then I find $10 on the kitchen table to pay for the coffee.

Really, really mysterious.

It might be that my brother is just really-really confused ----- that has happened before I think -------

But yeah, this doesn't make a lot of sense. It really does seem like there's some kind of ghost or angel that visits, takes our coffee, and leaves payment.

In the past, I've found payments of like $20 for coffee at times as well. I always assumed it was my brother ----- but can I really be certain? $20 would pay for a whole 30 pack ---- and yet not THAT much is taken. Hmmm. Weird.